Emmanuel College

Spring Waiver Form
2015-2016 Policy Year

Students who have comparable coverage may waive this insurance by completing the waiver form on the following page which certifies comparable coverage with claims processing in the U.S. All students are responsible for checking with their insurance company to ensure that they will have coverage while they are attending Emmanuel prior to waiving participation in the College's health insurance policy.

International students may not waive coverage with insurance carriers outside the US or with coverage from a National Health Service program.

Prior to completing your online waiver form, please review the following and confirm that your Insurance Company complies.

  1. The Company must have its headquarters in the United States; an office in the U.S. does not meet this requirement.
  2. The policy must have unlimited coverage for essential health benefits.
  3. Emergency room visits that do not result in an admission to the hospital must be covered.
  4. Mental health must be covered as any other illness or injury. This means that both in-patient and out-patient treatment must be covered.
  5. Injuries or illnesses that occur as a result of alcohol, illegal drugs or as the result of an attempt to commit suicide must be covered as any other illness or injury.
  6. Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases must be covered.
  7. There must be coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  8. The maximum yearly deductible cannot exceed $250.00 per year, unless the plan is a Massachusetts Subsidized Health Plan.
  9. Must be portable to the State of Massachusetts.

The pre-populated fields on your waiver form represent information that you submitted for policy year 2014-2015. Please make sure you review the information and make any appropriate changes before submitting your 2015-2016 waiver form.

Upon review and acceptance of your information, your tuition bill will be credited the Spring policy premium.

The waiver deadline is January 30, 2016.