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Spring 2015 Missed Waiver Deadline Appeal

Dear Student/Parent:

In order to have Health Fee(s) removed/waived, an Online Waiver Form must have been submitted prior to the deadline of February 23, 2015. The Health Fee(s) will not be removed from your account for any reason after this date. An Online Waiver Form must be submitted once every academic year. The waiver deadline is set in order for the university to comply with its obligations to the insurance company (Aetna) as well as university policies. The Health Fees are itemized charges on students' accounts. Students are notified of the waiver process through their acceptance materials, registration booklets, mailings, orientations, divisions/advisors, emails (to New School and personal email accounts), the university website, MyNewSchool Online Services, etc. Ultimately, it is the students' responsibility to verify that their account is accurate and that the fee(s) are removed in a timely manner. Students are strongly encouraged to monitor their accounts using MyNewSchool Online Services as it is the primary source of itemized account/billing information.

If you feel that you have extenuating circumstances which caused the waiver deadline to be missed and would warrant additional review, you may submit an online formal appeal by the appeal deadline date of April 6, 2015. Submitting an appeal is not a guarantee your waiver request will be granted. Please note, not being aware or recognizing that Health Fees are applied to the student account is not normally a situation which would warrant an appeal to be granted.

Students should monitor their accounts using MyNewSchool Online Services by accessing (Click on: Student Tab, Student Financial Services, Electronic Bills, and then Recent Account Activity). As the Online Waiver Form states, it is the students’ responsibility to make sure that the online form is received by University Health Plans and that the Health Fee(s) are removed from their account prior to the waiver deadline date.

In future academic years, you may waive the Health Fee(s) online by accessing (select the “New School” link). The New School website also includes important information about the Student Health Insurance Plan including policies and procedures, and links to view the entire Plan Brochure and to find an Aetna provider. To access the New School website, please visit (click on Student Services, then Health Insurance under Campus Life).

Please note that if the Student Health Insurance Plan has been used at any time, an appeal submission will not be considered or approved.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


University Health Plans