Rochester Institute of Technology

2014-2015 Academic Year

Dear Students, Parents and / or Guardians:

RIT is concerned about the health, safety and general physical and mental well- being of our students. We recognize, however, that students may encounter accidents and sickness while enrolled at RIT. RIT’s Student Health Center is available for students to use when medical attention is needed. To supplement this, RIT offers a voluntary student insurance program through University Health Plans, Inc. All students are required to have adequate medical insurance coverage.

We encourage you to review RIT’s medical insurance plan coverage by simply clicking on "Benefit Information" on the left hand side of this page. This will link you to important information about health care services and programs offered by the Student Health Center as well as detail the benefits offered in RIT's Student Insurance Plan.

The 2014-15 Plan provides substantial benefits for covered medical expenses at a reasonable cost. Coverage is also available for a student's spouse and/or dependent children at an additional charge. RIT also maintains, at no charge to the students, the "Excess Accident Plan" that is available to all RIT students for accidents occurring on campus or off-campus during an RIT sponsored activity.

Enrollment is voluntary for all students except A, B, E, F, G, I, J, K, O, Q, R or V -visa international students. To enroll, click on the “Enrollment Form” link on the left-hand side of this page. (F-visa international students please see the International Student enrollment process below) Insurance enrollment must be completed by September 30, 2014 for students registered in fall semester. All insurance enrollment information submitted online to University Health Plans, Inc. is protected through VeriSign on a secure website.

International Student Enrollment Process
ALL international undergraduate and graduate students (full and part-time) on A, B, E, F, G, I, J, K, O, Q, R or V-visas will be automatically enrolled in the Basic Accident and Sickness policy on a semi- annual basis, based on registration status, and billed by Student Financial Services. Certain foreign scholars will be eligible for exemption from RIT's required insurance enrollment and will not be billed for this coverage. To waive this coverage please click on the “International Student Waiver Form” link on the left hand side of this page. If you have any questions, please contact University Health Plans at 1-800-437-6448 or

For parents of entering students, we urge you to evaluate the RIT Student Insurance Plan for your student, not only based upon the absence of insurance coverage, but as an important Rochester medical community-based supplement to existing insurance coverage.

For further information please contact University Health Plans at (800) 437-6448,


Melinda J. Ward
Associate Risk & Compliance Officer