Student Health Insurance Plan
2014-2015 Policy Year


Dear Students,

In order to assure universal insurance coverage, all new and newly eligible annual 2014-2015 Trinity College undergraduate students will be billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan on their Fall 2014 tuition bill. The policy, which is underwritten by Aetna Student Health and managed by University Health Plans, Inc., will have a coverage period of August 15, 2014, through August 14, 2015. The premium for this coverage period will be $1,760.

Students who already possess adequate health insurance coverage can waive out of the Trinity College Student Health Insurance Plan by completing a waiver form on this website before the deadline of August 15, 2014.

Students who are not waiving the insurance plan are asked to confirm their enrollment in the plan by completing the enrollment form on this website before the deadline of August 15, 2014. Confirming your enrollment by the August 15, 2014, deadline helps to get your information into the insurance company's system closer to the effective date of the plan. Until your enrollment is processed by Aetna, you will not be able to use your insurance at a pharmacy and will have trouble accessing your benefits at a doctor’s office or in a hospital.

Students who fail to complete either the annual waiver or enrollment form by August 15, 2014, will be automatically enrolled in the plan and the insurance charge will remain on the tuition bill. The next available time to waive out of the plan if you miss the August 15, 2014, deadline will be during the summer of 2015 for the 2015-2016 policy year which will start on August 15, 2015.

IDP and Graduate Students may purchase the annual 2014-2015 coverage at a rate of $4,975 by contacting Lori Clapis at Trinity College Health Center by email at or by phone at 860-297-4025 to determine eligibility and request coverage by the August 15, 2014, deadline.

If you have any questions about the online waiver/enrollment process or on the Student Health Insurance Plan, please contact University Health Plans at or 800-437-6448.


Trinity College
Student Health Center