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TuitionGuardian for Simmons College

TuitionGuardian is a flexible and affordable tuition refund membership program that protects Simmons College Students and their Tuition Payers. This program is offered on a voluntary basis to students who are registered and attending Simmons College. Students may enroll directly through the link below and will receive their complete customized fulfillment materials at that time.

The TuitionGuardian product is provided through membership in the Education Security Division of the Expense Management Association (ESD/EMA). Membership in the Association provides valuable benefits and services related to the health and financial security of participating college Students. Benefits include Refund protection due to Medical Withdrawal or Death of the Student and Accidental Death benefits for the Student and Primary Tuition Payer. Featured membership services include: 24-hour worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance Services, Identity Theft Services, Emergency Roadside Assistance Services, and an interactive wellness website resource.

TuitionGuardian provides tuition refund protection in case of Medical Withdrawal, when the student must leave school, before the term of classes is completed due to a covered accident or illness, including death as a result thereof. Medical Withdrawal benefits are paid at 100% of non-refundable tuition, room and board, and other fees paid to the school, less any refund or credit due from the school, up to a maximum limit of $25,000 per semester or lesser limit as selected by the member. The maximum benefit limit per semester for medical withdrawal due to Non-hospitalized Mental and Nervous Conditions is capped at 60% of the medical withdrawal limit selected for the Student. The policy provides a maximum benefit of two times the semester limit chosen.

TuitionGuardian provides a 24-hour worldwide $2,500 Accidental Death Benefit to the Student and $10,000 Accidental Death Benefit to the Primary Tuition Payer. If the Student is the Primary Tuition Payer, the $10,000 Primary Tuition Payer Benefit will be provided to the Student in addition to the Student Accidental Death Benefit.

TuitionGuardian Membership Benefits

  • TuitionGuardian Medical Withdrawal Benefit – Limit as selected for the covered Student

  • 24-hour Accidental Death Benefit – Applicable to Student and Primary Tuition Payer

  • Identity Theft Services – Assistance in the event that the Student is a victim of identity theft or fraud

  • 24/7 Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance Services – 24/7 toll-free assistance services for emergency medical situations, medically necessary evacuation and repatriation services, as well as other valuable travel services worldwide while the Student is a member. Services also include $10,000 of emergency evacuation and repatriation protection

  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance Services – Provides assistance to the Student when traveling in owned or leased automobiles in the U.S. and Canada

  • Health and Wellness Website – An interactive website offering healthy ways to stay fit and ready to face the ongoing challenges of school studies and activities

Easy Enrollment Process

You can easily enroll into TuitionGuardian by clicking on the TuitionGuardian link below. On the TuitionGuardian website, simply input the desired Medical Withdrawal Benefit per semester, choose the desired coverage period (annual or semester), and complete the enrollment form. Once enrollment is complete and full payment has been verified, the Student Member and Primary Tuition Payer, if any, will each receive a complete Membership Package electronically. Members may also choose to have a Membership Package mailed to their location or to the location of the Primary Tuition Payer. In the Membership Package, members receive TuitionGuardian insurance certificates, an ID card, and documents related to Membership Services. Members have the option to auto bill prior to the next renewal term or to receive renewal notices and rates via email. Our renewal emails allow for online renewal in a few quick and easy steps.

Additional Information and Enrollment

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