Frequently Asked Questions for Graduating Students

Can I continue my Bay State College Student Health Plan?
No, it is not possible to continue on this plan.

Why is COBRA not available through the Bay State College Student Health Plan?
The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA) is a federal mandate requiring employers to offer extension of health care benefits to their employees after termination of employment. The Student Health Plan is not an employer plan and therefore, COBRA is not available.

Can I be treated at the school health center?
Graduated students (and their dependents) are not eligible to receive care at the student health center.

How can I get a Certificate of Health Plan Coverage?
You may need a “Certificate of Health Plan Coverage” when you purchase another plan. To obtain this documentation, contact University Health Plans at or 800-437-6448.

Do all states have the same laws and regulations when it comes to health insurance?
No, to learn more about the health insurance laws and regulations in the state you will be residing visit