ITT Technical Institute - Boston South

2016-2017 Academic Year

Dear Student:

Enclosed you will find a description of the 2016-17 Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan. The insurance carrier will be National Guardian Life with claims being administered by Consolidated Health Plans, Inc.

Massachusetts State Law mandates that all students who are full-time and three-quarter time carry adequate medical insurance to help cover the extra expenses of medical treatment. The ITT Technical Institute Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan provides coverage to students for a 12-month period-June 13, 2016 through June 12, 2017.

EVERY STUDENT attending ITT Technical Institute MUST record their medical insurance information. You must let us know if you are enrolling in the Student Accident and Sickness Plan offered by ITT Technical Institute or if you prefer to waive this plan. ALL STUDENTS must record their waiver by July 15, 2016 in order to ensure your bill accurately reflects your choice, and those enrolling in the ITT Technical Institute Plan have their medical ID cards as early as possible. It is your responsibility to carefully compare your current insurance plan with that offered by ITT Technical Institute to ensure the coverage is comparable. If you do not have comparable health insurance coverage or do not complete the waiver by the deadline, you will be required to purchase the Student Accident & Sickness Plan and will be automatically enrolled; no refunds will be given.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently covered under a non-US based insurance carrier, a foreign national health service program (socialized medicine), or the Massachusetts Uncompensated Care Pool (known as "free care"), you are NOT eligible to waive the ITT Technical Institute Student Health Insurance plan. These types of plans are not considered comparable coverage by Massachusetts State Law, and you will be required to enroll in the ITT Technical Institute Student Health Insurance Plan.

To assist you in making an informed decision regarding your health insurance needs, here are some general questions to ask your current health plan to ensure it provides adequate coverage:

Does your current health plan...

  1. ...provide coverage while in the area of the ITT Technical Institute campus? Many HMO plans provide coverage for emergency treatment only while out-of-area of the local HMO.
  2. ...cover you as long as you are a registered student at ITT Technical Institute? Most employer plans drop dependents at a certain age or if a parent has a job change.
  3. ...cover mental health services? Many employer-sponsored plans provide very limited coverage for mental health services.
  4. ...include prescription drug coverage and a nationwide network of member pharmacies? Many employer-sponsored plans do not provide prescription drug coverage, or only very limited benefits available at certain local pharmacies.

We encourage you to read the information provided and take the time to make an informed decision regarding your health coverage. If you have questions regarding the Student Accident and Sickness Plan, please contact University Health Plans Inc. at 1.800.437.6448.


ITT Technical Institute