Gallaudet University
Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) Student

2016-2017 Policy Year


Dear Parents/Guardians:

We anticipate another great year at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD), and we are pleased your child will be joining us for the upcoming school year. As you prepare for school, please do not forget health insurance. MSSD requires all enrolled students to be insured. Insurance relieves students and/or families of unanticipated medical bills, helps keep your child in school, eliminates the need to travel home for medical services, and allows your child to focus on academics.

Your family has two (2) options: (1) you may purchase insurance through the school or (2) waive the purchase by providing evidence of comparable insurance coverage. Please review the Student Health Insurance Form and make a decision before your child arrives in the school/dorm. This is very important. No student will be admitted to a dormitory without proof of acceptable insurance. Students arriving without this proof will be sent home at the parent/guardian’s expense.

To waive purchase of MSSD's coverage, your insurance coverage must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Remain effective throughout the academic year.
  2. Provide insurance beyond your home state area. For this reason, only DC, MD, or VA Medicaid is accepted as comparable coverage.
  3. Medicare is accepted, but only if it is the primary insurance.
  4. Include medical professionals in the Washington, D.C. area in the network of providers. If your insurance is an HMO or a Preferred Provider Plan, it is necessary to identify a point of service where you may receive care in the MD metropolitan area. Contact your insurance company to obtain this information.
  5. Have an unlimited maximum benefit.
  6. Cover routine care, emergency care, follow-up care and in-patient psychiatric care.

If you purchase insurance from MSSD, the annual premium is $3,199 and you will be covered from July 15, 2016 through July 14, 2017. MSSD is very pleased to offer this plan which provides an outstanding value. Parents should carefully review their current health insurance plan before making a decision. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact 202-651-5031.