Bryant University

Student Athletes
2018-2019 Academic Year
Spring Term

The Enrollment deadline for Spring Term has passed.

(Enrollment is only open to new incoming students for Spring Term)

If you have questions about the student health insurance program
please call University Health Plans at 1-800-437-6448.

Dear Student Athlete or Parent:

Bryant University is pleased to announce that we have once again teamed up with University Health Plans to provide health insurance coverage for our students. Bryant University requires all students to be enrolled in a health insurance plan while attending the University. Your son or daughter may not have health insurance coverage, or adequate health insurance coverage. It is our experience that, while the majority of Bryant students are covered by a health insurance plan, some students do not have family coverage, or their insurance plan has barriers to accessing care (such as high deductibles, limited coverage for services received outside of the health plan's service area, or not having participating providers in the Smithfield, Rhode Island area). Please make sure that any alternative coverage includes the student's college years.

The Bryant plan offers affordable coverage that will supplement the services provided on campus through Health Services and Counseling Services. The student insurance plan is underwritten by National Guardian Life Insurance Company, claims are paid by Consolidated Health Plans, and University Health Plans manages and services the program. The brochure can be viewed through the link on the left side of this page. The Spring Term insurance plan premium is $1,168 (January 15, 2019 - August 14, 2019).  Enrollment is only open to new incoming students for Spring Term 2019. 

Bryant University requires all Student Athletes to be enrolled in a health insurance plan while attending the University. While Bryant maintains a separate Intercollegiate Sports Accident Policy, it is an Excess Policy, and you are required to provide Primary Coverage for the Student Athlete.

If you are enrolling in the Bryant University Student Health Insurance Plan, you must complete the enrollment form on the left of this page. The enrollment deadline is February 15, 2019.