Waiver for MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan

Waiver requests are now being accepted for the 2019 summer term

At this time, you may choose to waive the Student Extended Insurance Plan only for the summer term (June 1, 2019 - August 31, 2019). Summer term waiver requests must be submitted no later than May 31, 2019. To avoid a fee, please submit waiver before the deadline.

Important future online waiver notice

Student wishing to request waivers for the 2019-2020 Academic Year (September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020) must resubmit their online waiver request during the 2019/2020 fall term open enrollment period (deadline August 15, 2019). The Fall and Spring term online waiver will be available July 2019.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at stuplan@med.mit.edu or call us at 617-253-4371.

How the Waiver Works


Waivers submitted at the beginning of the academic year cover both fall and spring terms.

All MIT Students registered for 27 or more units per academic term are automatically enrolled in the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan. The automatic enrollment process also applies to any family member enrolled in the previous term. Students whose current insurance coverage meets the minimum essential coverages standards required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may complete an online waiver request. Upon submission of a waiver request, a confirmation email will be sent confirming its receipt. Please print and save this email confirmation as proof of submission of your waiver transaction. If the waiver request is approved, the cost of the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan will be removed from the student's term bill.

You must read and agree with the following statement to continue:

I am currently participating in and will continue to participate in a health insurance program other than the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan. I have compared my current insurance to the Massachusetts Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) minimum requirements and my plan meets all Massachusetts SHIP requirements.

You must read and agree to the following statement to continue:

I wish to waive enrollment in the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan. I understand that by waiving the MIT sponsored student health insurance plan, I will be fully responsible for all medical expenses resulting from services that are not covered by my health insurance. I acknowledge that even if I am referred for services outside of MIT Medical, all cost for that medical care (including prescription drugs) are my responsibility and neither MIT nor MIT Medical will be responsible for those expenses.

You must read and agree to the following statement to continue:

I certify that my insurance coverage is with a U.S. based company. The state of Massachusetts DOES NOT allow waivers with insurance policies that have an international carrier based outside of the U.S.

You must read and agree to the following statement to continue:

There are certain services that are not covered under the MIT Medical Plan (the plan every actively registered MIT student has, which is included with tuition). By waiving the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan, you agree that you will be responsible for those charges if you receive these services. For more information, please see the MIT Student Health Plan brochure for this upcoming term.

Are you an NCAA sponsored student-athlete?

Student-Athletes must read and agree to the following statements:

I understand that as a student-athlete at MIT, I am required to have and maintain current individual medical/health insurance coverage, before and while participating in any strength and conditioning session, practice, game, competition, and/or team travel that is supervised by approved MIT coaching staff, and approved by the Director of Athletics, according to NCAA regulations.

I understand that my health insurance coverage shall include a provision for sports injury/illness related medical care with a limit of at least $90,000.

I understand that if my health insurance coverage lapses I shall discontinue participation until I procure an acceptable level of coverage.

I understand that since participation in the program is voluntary, MIT shall not be responsible for medical bills, including deductibles, not covered by my medical/health insurance policy. I understand that coverage or reimbursement for costs associated with hospital emergency room visits, off-campus office visits, off-campus hospitalization, and other health care (e.g. lab tests, imaging, orthotics, physical therapy), even when referred by the Sports Health Care Team, MIT Medical providers, or others (e.g. coach and non MIT Healthcare providers), shall be determined solely by my health insurance policy.