Chewsi Dental Savings
for Massachusetts & Rhode Island Students

Dear Massachusetts & Rhode Island Students,

Meet ChewsiTM

When you need care, Chewsi is there!

Chewsi is a new way to save on dental care, from routine cleanings to dental emergencies. It's not insurance, so we'll never ask you to commit to a policy or pay every month for something you don't use. 

Chewsi is free, and a snap to use. Here's how it helps: 

  • Achy tooth making it tough to concentrate? Use Chewsi to save on a filling
  • Chipped a tooth playing rugby on the quad? Use Chewsi to get it fixed for less
  • Want your teeth whitened before the big formal? Use Chewsi to save on any cosmetic service

Chewsi won't tell you what kind of dental care you can have or when you can have it - it works for any dental service, anytime.

Watch our video to see how it works, or download Chewsi in the App Store or Google Play today with code UNIHP. Visit us at to learn more. 



The free easy to use mobile app that helps you find the right dentist at the right price right now. Need a cleaning, filling, crown, braces, braces, teeth whitening? Download the Chewsi app and find a dentist!