University of Vermont

2020-2021 Academic Year

Dear Student/Parent(s):

As you prepare for the 2020-2021 academic year, we urge you to consider your health insurance coverage a top priority. It is important that students have access to comprehensive medical care while enrolled at the University of Vermont. Health insurance is mandatory for all full time UVM students, and you must complete an online insurance decision/waiver which either:

  1. Purchases the University of Vermont-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan, or
  2. Declines participation in the insurance by identifying comparable coverage currently in place with another insurance company.

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is serviced by University Health Plans and underwritten by Wellfleet Insurance Company. Claims are paid by Wellfleet Group. The Prescription Drug Program is through CIGNA PBM. After a copayment, prescriptions will be covered at 100% (in network).

The Annual premium is $2,694 and coverage is effective from August 1, 2020, through July 31, 2021.

Students who enroll in the UVM Student Health Insurance Plan are required to obtain all primary/preventative/routine care at the Center for Health & Wellbeing (CHWB). The Student Health Insurance covers preventative/routine care for student members ONLY when obtained at the on-campus Student Health Services clinics. Preventative care will not be covered when obtained off campus.

To ensure that UVM students have access to health-related services, CHWB is available to all eligible students, regardless of their health insurance coverage. For complete information about our services, please visit our website at

Before waiving the UVM SHIP

If you are considering waiving UVM’s SHIP, please note that some insurance plans are restrictive and may leave students either under-insured or essentially uninsured while away at school. This could result in you and/or your family incurring substantial out-of-pocket costs for medical care. In evaluating your plan, you must verify the following:

  • My plan provides medical benefits in compliance with all U.S. Federal Health Insurance Requirements with NO maximum annual coverage restriction and coverage that is accessible in the Burlington, Vermont area for:
    • Lab tests and x-rays
    • Prescription medications
    • Hospitalization (including room and board, physicians’ fees and surgical expenses)
    • Outpatient hospital services
    • Mental health care
    • Emergency room care
    • Intercollegiate sports injuries
  • My plan will cover me through August 1, 2021
  • My plan does not have a high deductible that must be met before I am allowed to access coverage

Online Waiver Process: You must complete the online Insurance Policy Waiver/Decision form annually at to register your decision by the deadline.

Note: International Students are automatically enrolled in the UVM SHIP, and the online health insurance decision/waiver form is not available to this group of students.

Visit the link below for UVM’s health insurance waiver/decision deadline information:

This waiver is required annually, regardless of your insurance decision. Students who do not complete an online waiver by July (February for Spring Term) will be billed, the insurance premium will be added to their UVM student account, and a hold will be placed on their registration. The hold and charges can be reversed within the Open Enrollment Period through September 15 (February 15 for Spring Term).

If you waive coverage, you can only enroll at a later date if you lose coverage under your current private health insurance plan due to a qualifying event. A qualifying event is a change in employment or marital status, or reaching the age limit of your insurance plan. You can contact University Health Plans for further information.

Online Information:

Please visit to learn more about the student health insurance plan or to waive enrollment in the plan. You can visit to download a brochure or Frequently Asked Questions, to locate preferred providers or pharmacies, or to enroll eligible dependents or to purchase the supplemental plan.

Please take the time to make an informed decision regarding your health insurance needs while enrolled at the University of Vermont. If you have any questions, please email


Margaret Johnson
Student Health Insurance Office
UVM Center for Health and Wellbeing
425 Pearl Street
Burlington, VT 05401