Indiana University

2021-2022 Student Health Plan

Indiana University requires all International Students, Intensive English Program Students (IEP & PIE), and visiting scholars to be enrolled in the International Student Insurance Plan. International students required to enroll in the plan are automatically enrolled in and billed for the premium through their bursar account. Visiting Scholars must complete the enrollment form on the left side of this page and make payment. Domestic Students can click HERE to be re-directed to the Professional Student Plan.

Plan Highlights

Benefit information and links to the provider search and claims portal can be found on the left side of this page.  IU has partnered with University Health Plans to administer the plan and help with waiver, enrollment, or benefit-related questions. University Health Plans can be reached at 800-437-6448 or info@univhealthplans.comIf you have questions about your claims or coverage you can contact Anthem Member Services at 844-412-0752.

Insurance Cost & Coverage Periods

International Student Annual Fall Spring/Summer Summer
Dates 8/1/21 -7/31/22 8/1/21 - 12/31/21 1/1/22 - 7/31/22 6/1/22 - 7/31/22
Cost $1,721.00 $721.30 $999.45 $287.58
Deadline September 15th September 15th January 31st June 15th
IEP Fall I Fall II Spring I Spring II Summer I Summer II
Dates 8/1/21 - 10/9/21 10/10/21 - 12/31/21 1/1/22 - 2/26/22 2/27/22 - 4/30/22 5/1/22 - 6/17/22 6/18/22 - 7/31/22
Cost $330.11 $391.39 $268.82 $297.11 $226.39 $207.53
Deadline September 15th November 11th February 2nd March 23rd June 1st July 20th
PIE Fall I Fall II Spring I Spring II Summer I Summer II
Dates 8/1/21- 10/15/21 10/16/21 - 12/31/21 1/1/22 - 3/2/22 3/3/22 - 5/3/22 5/4/22 - 6/18/22 6/19/22 - 7/31/22
Cost $358.29 $363.01 $287.58 $292.29 $216.86 $202.72
Deadline September 15th November 10th February 2nd April 1st  June 3rd July 15th
Visiting Scholars  Coverage Period
Dates Varies
Cost $4.71 per day
Deadline First day of the coverage period

Enrollment Process

Visiting Scholars must complete an enrollment form on the left side of the page. International students are not required to complete a student enrollment form unless they are enrolling their dependents.

Eligible students and visiting scholars may insure their dependents, including their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 26 for an additional cost by completing the enrollment form located on the left side of this page by the deadline listed in the table above. Dependent premiums can be paid at the time of enrollment or by monthly installments; however, dependent premiums cannot be charged to your bursar account. Dependent eligibility is effective and expires concurrently with that of the insured student, meaning coverage is only available to dependents if and when the student is insured under the plan. Dependent coverage cannot begin or end before or after the coverage period of the primary student or scholar.