Massachusetts Maritime Academy

2019-2020 Academic Year

Welcome to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Student Health Insurance Plan

State law requires that all full and 3/4 time students have health insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the minimum standards as set forth in Massachusetts Law C.15A, s.18 (text available on the website). State Law requires all registered students attest to comparable coverage or be enrolled in the schools student health insurance plan. If you do not complete the online insurance waiver you will automatically be enrolled and your account will be charged.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy students are required to participate in Sea Term, Commercial Shipping and Coop. These assignments often feature travel throughout the United States and foreign ports of call. You should confirm your HMO’s policies regarding coverage for students traveling away from their service areas, and repatriation for students sick or injured while traveling overseas.

The Student Health Plan for the 2019-2020 Policy Year is through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. The Annual premium is $3,444 and is effective from August 1, 2019 through July 31, 2020.  The spring premium for newly regisistered students is $2,016 and is effective January 1, 2020 through July 31, 2020.  

Note: If you are covered by MassHealth (other than Health Safety Net, MassHealth Limited, or Children’s Medical Security Plan), you may be eligible to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) and have the premium paid by MassHealth Premium Assistance. To see if you’re eligible, select the Waiver Form or Enrollment Form link and follow the prompts.

Please note the following students are not eligible to waive the student health insurance plan:

  • International Students with foreign based insurance carriers must purchase Massachusetts Maritime Academy Student Health Insurance and may not waive.
  • Undergraduate students taking less than 9 credits are not eligible for Massachusetts Maritime Academy Student Health Insurance and therefore need not waive.
  • Health Safety Net is not considered comparable coverage.
  • Students with Travel Insurance.

The waiver deadline for the 2019-2020 Fall Semester is September 30, 2019. The earlier you waive, the sooner the charge will be removed from your bill. If you have a life changing event (i.e. loss of coverage) and need to change your election, please contact Massachusetts Maritime Academy Student Accounts at 508-830-5085 to complete the appropriate forms.