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Student Health Insurance Plan
2024-2025 Academic Year


All undergraduate day students, both domestic and international, all international graduate students, and any graduate student required to be enrolled under programmatic requirements (e.g., students enrolled in the Physician Assistant Program, on-campus Occupational Therapy Program, Addiction Counseling or Clinical Mental Health Counseling master's degree programs, etc.), registered and attending Johnson & Wales University and taking credit hours (excluding full-time Johnson & Wales employees) are eligible and enrolled in the plan on a hard waiver basis. Whether a student is “registered” and “attending” shall be determined exclusively by Johnson & Wales University. 

Except as otherwise provided herein, the student must actively attend classes for at least 31 days after university classes start to remain eligible. If a Named Insured ceases to be eligible within the first 31 days from the start of classes, coverage will be terminated back to the effective date for which coverage is purchased.

Home study, correspondence, and online courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirements. Notwithstanding anything herein, eligibility requirements of students enrolled in the university’s in-person programs shall not be impaired based solely on attendance of classes through an online, remote, or virtual learning environment (1) in the case of a declared federal or state public health emergency that would require online, remote, or virtual learning, or (2) in the case of attendance via online, remote, or virtual learning due to an accommodation for a disability granted by the university.

Plan Highlights

The benefit information is located on the left side of this page. JWU has partnered with University Health Plans to administer the plan and help with waiver, enrollment, or eligibility related questions. University Health Plans can be reached at 1-833-251-1716 or United Healthcare Student Resources can be reached at 800-767-0700 for any benefit or claim-related questions.  

 Insurance Cost & Coverage Periods

Summer 1
 Summer 2 
(PA Program only)
Dates of
6/1/25 - 7/31/25
Student Cost
$721 $478

Waiver Process

All students who are required to have health insurance are initially charged for the SHIP. Eligible students who have other health insurance coverage (i.e. under a parent’s or employer’s plan) and do not want to be enrolled in the SHIP must submit an online waiver documenting their other coverage prior to the posted deadline for their first semester of enrollment each academic year. Once a waiver form is successfully submitted, the insurance charge is removed from the student’s account within approximately seven business days.Before waiving, compare the cost, coverage, and benefits of the Plan to your existing plan. Failure to complete the waiver will result in a student being enrolled and responsible for the Health Insurance Fee. The spring waiver deadline for NEW spring students is 1/12/2024.

Students who miss their waiver deadline will be enrolled in the SHIP and responsible for paying the insurance premium for fall semester and spring semester should they maintain eligibility. For example, students who are eligible for the SHIP in the Fall but do not submit a waiver by the fall deadline cannot submit a waiver later in the academic year. They will be enrolled in the SHIP and responsible for paying the insurance premium for both fall and spring should they maintain eligibility during that academic year. The spring and summer waiver form is only available for NEW students.

International students learning remotely in their home country are still required to complete a waiver form, but are eligible to waive the JWU SHIP with their home country coverage.

 Enrollment Process

All eligible students who do not submit an online waiver form by the posted deadline will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the JWU Student Health Insurance Plan. Eligible students who wish to be enrolled in the SHIP do not need to take any action. Students MUST maintain eligibility each semester to remain enrolled in annual coverage.

We encourage students to compare all other insurance options. is an online health insurance marketplace where you can compare and purchase health insurance plans. You may qualify for a low-or-no cost government-funded health insurance plan.