Student Health Insurance Plan (2018-519-2)

Click here for more information regarding the Hard Waiver Policy, Eligibility and Rates.

Mandatory for ALL F and J Rutgers Sponsored Visa Students.

Steps to Waive or Enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan each semester:

Step 1.

Register for Classes

Wait 3 business days after registering for classes to complete Step 2.

The Health Insurance Premium is automatically added to the term bill each semester.


Step 2.

To enroll: complete the enrollment form each semester,
using the link on the left navigation bar.

– or –

To Waive: complete the Waiver Form at
If you have other comparable coverage, you may be eligible to waive the SHIP.

Deadline Dates

Fall 2018 Spring 2019
September 14, 2018 February 1, 2019

After submission of the
Enrollment Form

Wait 5-7 business days then create an account to print your insurance card at or

Fall coverage: Aug 15, 2018 - Jan 14, 2019
Spring coverage: Jan 15, 2019 - Aug 14, 2019

  • UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR) is the carrier for the Student Health Insurance Plan.  For claims and benefits about the plan, contact UHCSR at or 800-505-4160.

Students are responsible for paying the premium on the term bill.


After submission of the
Waiver Form

The premium will be removed from the term bill within 4 business days of your approval notification.

If you failed to waive before the deadline, you will be responsible for paying the premium even though you have other health insurance coverage.

For Waiver issues, contact the Insurance Coordinator at

For Enrollment issues, call University Health Plans directly at 800-437-6448.

Coverage Periods Full time Students F and J Rutgers Visa Sponsored Students Part time Students Deadline

TBA TBA TBA 09/14/18

TBA TBA TBA 02/01/19

TBA TBA TBA 06/30/19

Dependent Information

To add dependents, you must contact the Insurance Coordinator
at before the deadline.

Health Insurance Eligibility

Please select your applicable student type for health insurance eligibility information.

F and J Visa Non-Rutgers Sponsored Visa Students (2017-519-2, 2017-519-3)

F and J Non-Rutgers Sponsored Visa students must follow the applicable process for full-time or part-time domestic students.

F and J Rutgers Sponsored Visa Students (2017-519-2)

NEW enrollment procedures.

F and J Rutgers Sponsored Visa Students will enroll by completing an enrollment form at The premium is added to your term bill each semester upon enrollment into your courses. To add dependents/spouse, or for a life status change, you must visit

Waiver procedures.

If you have other coverage and wish to waive, you must visit Failure to waive before the deadline will result in a nonrefundable charge, and students will be responsible for the premium on their term bill.

NOTE: The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) premium is a separate charge from the Health Services Fee. The Health Services Fee cannot be waived. The SHIP is medical health insurance with nationwide coverage.

Partial-Appointment Teaching and Graduate Assistants TAs/GAs, (2017-202826-1)

Less than full-appointment TAs/GAs are eligible under this plan as determined by University Human Resources (UHR). Once you are on payroll, call UHR at 848-932-3990 to confirm your employment status and ensure enrollment in the Partial-Appointment TA/GA Health Insurance plan with United Healthcare Student Resources. No waiver action is required; you will be automatically enrolled by UHR. Insured persons may enroll their eligible dependents with UHR.

NOTE: You will get an email from United Healthcare Student Resources ( within 5–7 business days after UHCSR has received your enrollment with instructions to print a card. Please call United Healthcare Student Resources directly at 800-505-4160 if you need assistance in this process.

Insured persons may enroll their eligible dependents at and the premium is paid by the insured directly to University Health Plans.

The coverage period for the less than full-appointment TAs/GAs covers a date range between 09/01/17–08/31/18, depending on your appointment.

Full-Appointment Teaching and Graduate Assistants (TAs/GAs)

Full-appointment TAs/GAs are eligible for the State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP). You must enroll with University Human Resources (UHR). Visit for more information. You must complete the SHBP forms and submit the forms to UHR. Once you have submitted your forms to UHR and they input your information into their health insurance program then we can remove the Student Health Insurance Premium from your account. You are not required to complete the SHIP waiver form. The Student Health Insurance Office will remove the SHIP premium once you are in the system showing you have submitted your SHBP paperwork to UHR.

PALS Students Only

Upon registration at Rutgers University, The Program in American Language Studies (PALS) Department submits a list to the Student Health Insurance Office for enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan. Any questions regarding your enrollment please contact your PALS department. For benefit information please click on the “benefits” link from the left navigation bar or call Unitedhealthcare StudentResources at (800) 505-4160.


Please view our FAQs at for additional information. You may contact us at 848-932-8285 or We assist Students on all campuses in New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden.