Assumption College

Academic Year 2017-2018
Graduate Student Health Insurance

Spring Term

The Waiver Deadline Date has passed for Spring Term 2018.

Massachusetts State Law requires all full-time and three quarter time students attending an institution of higher education in this state to have medical coverage and has placed the obligation on colleges and universities to enforce this regulation.

To ensure compliance with the Massachusetts State Law, all new incoming Graduate students for Spring Term 2018 enrolled in 6 or more credits are automatically billed for this Student Health Insurance plan. The premium for this coverage is $1,330 (coverage from 01/14/18 – 08/14/18).

If after reviewing the Student Health plan, you determine you already have comparable health care coverage that meets the minimum benefit levels and services, you may waive this charge by completing the waiver form on this website before the deadline of January 5, 2018. You will need your seven digit Assumption student ID number, Assumption email address and health insurance information to complete this process.

Students who are not waiving the insurance are asked to confirm their enrollment in the plan, by completing the enrollment form on this website before the deadline of January 5, 2018. You will need your Assumption student ID number and Assumption email address to complete this process.

Students who fail to complete either the enrollment or waiver form by January 5, 2018 will be automatically enrolled in the plan for the Spring Term 2018 and the charge will remain on their bill.

If you have any questions about the online waiver/enrollment process or about the Student Health plan, please contact University Health Plans at 1-800-437-6448.

Lisa Johnson
Assumption College