2017-2018 Policy Year

UMass Lowell is pleased to announce that for the 2017-2018 Academic Year we have teamed up with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) to provide health insurance coverage for our students. Details about the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHP) can be found by selecting “Benefit Information” on the left hand side of this page. The Annual SHP charge is $1,568 and is effective 8/1/17-7/31/18. The Spring SHP charge is $929, for NEW Spring students only, and is effective 1/1/18-7/31/18.

All matriculating undergraduate students, regardless of credit hours will be charged for health insurance. All matriculating graduate and continuing education (CE) students enrolled in nine or more credit hours will be charged for health insurance. Students enrolled in only online courses are not eligible for the plan. All matriculating international students, regardless of credit hours, are required to accept the Student Health Insurance Plan. Please note that all students who withdraw from or drop all of their classes within the first 31 calendar days of the academic semester will not be allowed to be eligible for the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Students must either waive or enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan. Students may complete the waiver or enrollment process by logging onto their SIS account. Once logged in select "Student Center/Finance", click on "Health Insurance Form", then complete and submit. Students should only complete a waiver form if they have health insurance that provides them with access to comprehensive care in the Lowell area. Most students with out-of-state managed care plans or HMOs are not eligible to waive coverage as those types of plans do not provide students with access to non-emergent care in the Lowell area. Additionally, please note that you cannot waive the Student Health Plan if you are currently covered by Mass Health Limited, Health Safety Net or Children’s Medical Security Plan.

If you are covered by MassHealth (other than Health Safety Net, MassHealth Limited, or Children’s Medical Security Plan), you may be eligible to enroll in the Student Health Insurance (SHIP) at no cost to you and have the premium paid by MassHealth. The MassHealth Premium Assistance Program for eligible students is mandatory. If you are eligible for Premium Assistance, then you are required to complete the process through your SiS account. If you fail to complete the form and therefore not enroll in the SHIP you may lose your MassHealth benefits. To see if you’re eligible, identify that you have MassHealth when prompted during the submission of your Waiver Form on the "Waive/Enroll in Health Insurance" link found in SiS on the Student Finance Center. To learn more about the program, select the “FAQs” and “Coordination of Benefits” links under “SHIP Premium Assistance for MassHealth Members” from the left navigation menu on this page.   

Please note that the waiver/enrollment process will not begin until bills are issued, which varies from year to year. The date is typically around July 15th for student beginning in the Fall and December 15th for students beginning in the Spring.

Students must either waive or enroll through SiS each year. Students who have comparable coverage, may select to waive the student health insurance by going online to SiS and completing the insurance waiver form. Students who would like to enroll in the student health plan may select to enroll by going online to SiS and completing the insurance enrollment form. Students will only be automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan by the University after the deadline date. Students should enroll as soon as possible to avoid difficulties in accessing their health insurance benefits.  

The deadline to waive or enroll in the Annual Student Health Plan is October 13, 2017.

The deadline for NEW Spring students to waive or enroll in the Spring Student Health Plan is March 9, 2018.

Student Health Insurance Plan Contacts:

Insurance charge on bill or Enrollment/Waiver Process   Student Financial Services – The Solution Center
Telephone: 978-934-2000
Request your insurance member ID, update your address, or ask general plan information   University Health Plans
Telephone: 800-437-6448
Specific Questions Regarding Benefits after you have received your insurance ID card   Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Telephone: 888-753-6615
Questions or concerns regarding the Student Health Plan   Insurance Coordinator in Health Services
Telephone: 978-934-4992

Optional Delta Dental Plans for Students

Taking care of your teeth is as an important part of taking care of your health. Delta Dental offers UMass Lowell students and their dependents a choice of two optional dental insurance plans (DeltaCare and Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier). Students may enroll in these plans on a VOLUNTARY basis; they are not required to have dental insurance.  You can view the options for dental insurance by selecting “Massachusetts Delta Dental Plans”, under Optional Plans, on the left hand side of this page.

Optional VSP Vision Insurance Plan for Students

Students may enroll in the VSP Vision Insurance Plan on a VOLUNTARY basis; they are not required to have vision insurance. You can view the option for vision insurance by selecting “VSP Vision Care Plan”, under Optional Plans, on the left hand side of this page.