2020-2021 Academic Year

Information for the 2021-2022 Academic Year will be available by the end of May.

Lasell University has partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts and University Health Plans to provide health insurance coverage for our students. All undergraduate students enrolled in at least 9 qualifying credits are required by Massachusetts State law to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) or be covered by a health insurance plan with comparable coverage. To ensure compliance with Massachusetts law, undergraduate sudents who are registered for 9 or more credit hours are automatically billed for the SHIP. To read the details on this law, click here.

All undergraduate international students at Lasell University are automatically enrolled in the SHIP and do not need to take any action. Please contact University Health Plans at (800) 437-6448 if you are covered by a US employee health insurance plan that meets healthcare reform standards and is comparable to the SHIP.

Student Health Insurance Policy Periods and Premium Rates:

Annual Student Spring Student
8/15/20-8/14/21 1/1/21-8/14/21
$3,209 $2,011

ENROLLMENT FORM: Complete this form if you want to expedite your SHIP enrollment process to receive your BCBS ID card sooner. If you do not complete this form, your information will not be added to the insurance plan system until after the annual effective date of 8/15/20 or the spring effective date of 1/1/21 for NEW spring students. To enroll, please click “Enrollment Form” on the left-hand side of this page, complete all required information and then click submit.

WAIVER FORM: To waive the Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2020-2021 policy year click “Waiver Form” on the left-hand side of this page, complete all required information and then click submit.

If you are currently insured by a health insurance plan that provides you with comparable coverage to the SHIP then you may waive enrollment. However, please note the following:

  • Not all plans provide comprehensive coverage in the Boston area such as out-of-state Medicaid plans, and certain HMOs and managed care plans. Be sure to check with your insurance company before waiving.
  • Mass Health is accepted, but Mass Health Limited, Health Safety Net, Husky Healthcare, and Children’s Medical Security Plans are not considered comparable to the SHIP.
  • If your comparable plan will end before 8/14/21, while you are in school, you must either enroll in the SHIP within 60 days of your other plan’s end date or find comparable coverage elsewhere.

Deadline to complete the spring waiver appeal form or enrollment form: March 2, 2021


The following students are not eligible for the student health insurance plan:

  • Non-Resident Graduate students
  • Part-time students (enrolled in fewer than 9 credits)

UHP is available to answer general insurance plan questions. To speak with a representative, please call (800) 437-6448 or send an email to If you have specific questions regarding the benefits, please feel free to contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts at (888) 753-6615.