Drew University

2019-2020 Academic Year

Important Information about Student Health Insurance

Drew University requires all full time college students to have health insurance coverage. Matriculated Drew students are eligible to participate in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Program. The Health Insurance charge appears on the semester statement of charges mailed in July. Students are required to either enroll in the student health plan or waive out of the plan if they have comparable insurance coverage by August 5th. Failure to complete the online enrollment or waiver form will result in delays checking into campus housing and registering.

We strongly recommend that all undergraduate resident students enroll in the student insurance plan, even if they live in New Jersey. This is because many family plans only cover “true emergencies” when students are away from home; restrict specialist consultations, lab work, or x-rays to in-network facilities; have high deductibles; or risk losing the family plan if the student fails to maintain full time enrollment status. This has inconvenienced students and burdened families who are responsible for arranging services off campus. Purchasing the student insurance assures access to local care, eliminates the trouble of pre-certification from family insurance companies, reduces paperwork for the students, and remains in effect should the student have to leave the university. Many resident students find it cost-effective and convenient to be enrolled in both the student plan and their family insurance plan, especially if they are athletes. The student insurance works anywhere in the United States and is in effect for 12 months. The annual cost for undergraduate and CUE students is $1,741. The annual cost for graduate and  theological students is $4,925. The health insurance plan can be viewed at www.universityhealthplans.com.

We understand that health insurance can be a costly and confusing matter. When considering your enrollment options some of the desirable features of the student plan include:

  • No restrictions on providers
  • No pre-certifications required for lab, x-ray, referrals, or hospitalizations
  • Basic Plan is in effect for 12 months and pays covered expenses
  • Excellent emergency room coverage when referred by Drew Health Service, Counseling Service, or Public Safety
  • Students will not be billed for most laboratory tests, allergy shots, routine gynecological care and testing, asthma and other treatments, and most prescription medications that are obtained and dispensed at the Health Service.

In order to enroll in or waive the student health insurance you must log into Treehouse, and the form can be found in the My Account section under the Student tab, at https://www.drew.edu/home. Students that fail to enroll or waive the plan will automatically be billed for the student insurance plan on their fall semester tuition bill.

Students do not have to carry the student plan in order to use Drew Health Service. For more information about services that are available on campus, about insurance needs for international students and athletes, or about eligibility to purchase the student insurance plan please visit the health service web site at www.depts.drew.edu/health.

Student Health Services