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Risk Strategies - University Health Plans

Washington College

2024-2025 Academic Year

Washington College is pleased to present you with information about our 2024-2025 Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), offered in partnership with Wellfleet Student.

Eligibility: All full-time students enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours will be automatically charged the annual insurance fee. New students attending for spring 2025 who are full-time students enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours will be automatically charged the new spring insurance fee. Domestic students who are enrolled in an alternative comparable, comprehensive insurance plan may submit a waiver form by the noted deadline below to opt out of the Plan and remove the insuance charge from the student account. International students are automatically enrolled and do not have access ot the waive form.

Student Health Insurance Policy Period, Premium Rates and Deadlines:

  Coverage Period *Insurance Fee Waiver/Enrollment
Annual 08/15/24–08/14/25 $3,612 07/15/2024
New Spring 01/15/25–08/14/25 $2,097 01/01/2025


If you intend to be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, you may confirm this by submitting the enrollment form found in the navigation menu on the left hand side of this page or click HERE. Your enrollment will be processed prior to the effective date of the policy in August.

Eligible students who do not submit the waiver or enrollment form will not be automatically enrolled in the SHIP until after the posted waiver deadline.


If you have your own comparable, comprehensive health insurance coverage and do not want to be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan you may submit the waiver form found in the navigation menu on the left side of this page by the posted deadline or click HERE.

  To waive the SHIP your health insurance plan must meet the below requirements:

1. Be a US health insurance plan that is filed and approved in the US.

Please note that the following are NOT considered comparable coverage and are NOT eligible for a waiver of the Student Health Insurance Plan:

  • Students with coverage from insurance carriers outside the United States or coverage by foreign National Health Insurance programs.
  • Health insurance plans marketed solely to international students are often not filed and approved in the U.S., have limited benefits, provider networks and/or coverage periods that do not comply with the Washington College insurance requirements. GBG Insurance, HDL Global Specialty, ISO, PGH (United), PSI, Student Medicover, and Tata AIG are examples of companies that do not meet the waiver requirements (these plans are not ACA compliant, are not filed in the US and are not eligible for a waiver.)
  • Students with a health insurance plan, such as out of state HMO and EPO plans, that provides coverage through a closed network of providers not reasonably assessable in the area where the student attends school, for all but emergency services.
  • Travel insurance and short-term limited duration plans are not accepted.

2. Provide coverage for the entire policy year with no break in coverage.

3. Comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and provide minimum essential coverage as defined by the ACA including:

  1. Provide an unlimited policy maximum
  2. Include coverage for pre-existing conditions
  3. Provide emergency and non-emergency care in the area of the College.

Failure to complete the online waiver form by the deadline,  July 15, 22024 for fall students or January 1, 2025 for new spring students will result in your automatic enrollment of the Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2024-2025 academic year. There will be no allowance for a late waiver submission or premium refund. A new online waiver form must be completed by the deadline each school year.

Once the waiver form is submitted you must also upload a copy of the front & back of the health insurance card to the student health portal,


The Student Health Insurance Plan enables students to access care outside of Student Health Services. The plan is ACA compliant and includes access to Cigna’s national OAP network of providers. Students do not have to select a primary care physician and referrals are not required. The 2024-2025 Plan Brochure is pending state approval and will be available in the navigation menu on the left hand side of this page under “Benefit Information” in early summer 2024. This document describes covered services, limitations, procedures to waive, and important deadlines. It is your responsibility to understand the nature and scope of benefits and limitations as well as to abide by posted deadlines.

We encourage you to read and familiarize yourself with the Student Health Insurance Plan brochure. If you have any questions regarding the insurance plan or the waiver process, please contact University Health Plans at or 1-833-251-1117.