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Framingham State University

2023-2024 POLICY YEAR

Framingham State is pleased to present you with information about our 2023-2024 Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.


State law requires all 3/4 full-time students (3 or more courses for undergraduates; 2 or more courses for graduates) to have health insurance coverage.  All 3/4 full-time students will automatically be charged for Spring semester health insurance coverage.  Students who are currently on a health insurance plan at that time will need to waive the University’s health insurance plan by the billing due date of December 18, 2023.

Insurance Cost and Coverage Periods

  Annual Sping/Summer
Coverage Dates 8/1/2023 - 7/31/2024 1/1/2024 - 7/31/2024
Premium Cost $3,779.00 $2,206.50
Deadline Dates August 2, 2023 December 18, 2023

Waiver Process

Massachusetts State Law, the Massachusetts Qualifying Student Health Insurance Policy (QSHIP requires you to waive the school sponsored insurance plan each year). It is important for you to make an informed health assessment each year; for instance, have your health insurance needs changed, will you be participating in a study abroad program, will you be traveling for an internship or medical rotation, and do you only have coverage for emergencies? Make sure you are not left mid-year without appropriate health coverage, it could hinder your academic progress. Please take a moment to review the links to the left to assist you in making this important decision.

You may waive coverage under this plan if you have health insurance that meets all the Framingham State University plan requirements in the waiver section. You will need to provide information about your coverage. An accepted waiver applies to the entire academic year during which it is filled.

Waiver/Enrollment selections must be completed by the deadline date of December 18, 2023 for the Spring semester.

Full-Time Students: All full-time students are required to show proof of coverage or to enroll in the Framingham State University Student Insurance Plan. The waiver/enrollment process is an annual one. Framingham State University reserves the right to audit all waivers in order to ensure compliance with Framingham State University insurance requirements.

What to have before you start:

If you currently have comparable health insurance with another insurance company, be sure you have the required level of coverage. Before beginning this enrollment/waiver process, have the following materials with you:

  • Your Framingham State University Student ID number
  • Your current health insurance plan ID card.
  • Your health insurance brochure or plan document.

If the student falls under one of the following categories, they need to purchase the school’s insurance plan or another comparable plan.

  1. Students with coverage from insurance carriers outside the U.S. and/or coverage by foreign National Health Services programs.
  2. Students with a health insurance plan that provides coverage through a closed network of providers not reasonably accessible in the area where the student attends school, for all emergency services.
  3. Students with Health Safety Net, MassHealth Limited, and Children’s Medical Security Plan may not waive as these are not considered adequate health coverage.  MassHealth is considered acceptable coverage, and students with MassHealth may waive the Framingham State University student health insurance plan.

Framingham State University has partnered with University Health Plans to administer the plan and help with waiver, enrollment, or benefit-related questions. University Health Plans can be reached at 833-251-1723 or

Qualifying Event Enrollment Process

Students who waived the SHIP may qualify for special enrollment rights if they incur a loss of other coverage. To request enrollment and premium quote, contact the University Health Plans at 833-251-1723 or email