UMass Worcester - GSBS Students
Delta Dental Plan Options

2017-2018 Policy Year

Dear GSBS Students,

We are pleased to offer GSBS students and their dependents a choice of two dental insurance plans (DeltaCare and Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier). You may enroll in these plans on a VOLUNTARY basis; they are not required insurance.

The enrollment deadline for coverage effective 4/1/18-8/31/18 is March 15, 2018

As with any insurance plan, please make sure that you have read the Plan Highlights & Benefit Information before enrolling in either dental plan. The copayments on the DeltaCare flyer and the PPO Plus Premier flyer are subject to change. The most up-to-date copayment schedule can be found on at any time during the policy year.

The premium cost to the student for each coverage option is as follows:

  DeltaCare  PPO Plus Premier
Student Only: $0.00 $182.00
Student & 1 Dependent: $297.00 $712.00
Student & 2 or more Dependents: $617.00 $1,241.00

Students and dependents who wish to enroll in one of these plans MUST submit the online enrollment form and pay the full premium amount online via credit card no later than midnight on the posted deadline for their selected coverage period. The enrollment deadline for coverage effective 4/1/18-8/31/18 is March 15, 2018.

Please note: As part of the enrollment process for the DeltaCare Dental Plan, you (and any dependents you choose to enroll) must select a DELTA CARE Primary Care Dentist (PCD). If you do not choose a DeltaCare PCD, Delta Dental will choose one for you that is closest to your area. Your enrollment form will not be accepted without this election. Please refer to the participating provider list on the website for a complete, up to date, list of participating providers. The PPO Plus Premier Plan does not require enrollees to select a primary care dentist.

IMPORTANT: Please review the Plan Highlights & Benefit Information for both dental plans offered to you BEFORE enrolling in either. Refer to the FAQs for an overview of the main differences between the two plans.

Should you have any questions regarding the enrollment process, please contact University Health Plans via email at or at 800-437-6448.