Wellesley College

2018-2019 Academic Year

Wellesley College is pleased to announce that for the 2018-2019 Academic Year we have teamed up with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBS) to provide health insurance coverage for our students. University Health Plans (UHP) will continue to administer the plan.

All students enrolled at least ¾ time are required by Massachusetts State law to enroll in the Student Health Insurance or be covered by a health insurance plan with comparable coverage. To ensure compliance with Massachusetts law, Wellesley College students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Health Plan. To read the details on this law, click here.

The Spring Student Health Insurance premium is $1,575 for the spring coverage period (1/1/19-8/14/19).

The Wellesley College Health Insurance Plan includes a strong nationwide Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network of providers. Highlights of the Student Health Insurance Plan include:

  • Prescription Drug Benefits – No Cap ~ Prescription Copay $20 / $35 / $55
  • Office Visit Copay for Specialists $15
  • Emergency Room $50 per visit
  • MRI, CT & PET Scans $50 for in network facilities

International Students cannot waive coverage unless they are covered by an insurance carrier based in the United States with coverage comparable to the Wellesley College Student Insurance Plan.

NOTE: Students who have an out of area HMO such as Kaiser Permanente should not waive coverage as those types of HMO plans only provide coverage in the event of an emergency or require care within a restricted home network area.

Should you choose NOT to waive the student health insurance plan, you will be mailed a wallet-sized insurance card once you are on campus which indicates that you are insured. This card should be presented when you need medical services off campus. The annual health insurance charge is included in its entirety on your semester bill.

If you do not submit a waiver form by the deadline outlined below, you will automatically be enrolled in the College’s Student Health Insurance Program and the cost of the health insurance premium will be billed to you.

Very specific information is necessary to complete the waiver form. Have your current insurance card available while completing the waiver form. Please read the Wellesley College Health Services Billing Policy before completing the waiver form. 

If you have questions regarding the Student Health Insurance Plan, please contact University Health Plans at info@univhealthplans.com or 800-437-6448 before submitting the waiver form by 1/3/19.

The Spring Waiver Appeal Deadline is February 15, 2019


Waiver Appeal Form