Principia College

2021-2022 Policy Year

Principia College (Principia) requires that all students have health insurance coverage accepted in the state of Illinois, and therefore, requires students to annually confirm coverage under their existing plan or, if they do not have any existing insurance, obtain such coverage. All domestic students are automatically enrolled and charged for the coverage and do not need to complete an enrollment form.

For students who do not have a comprehensive health insurance plan or full coverage while on campus, Principia has contracted with Wellfleet Insurance Company to be the insurance provider and University Health Plans, Inc. (UHP) to administer the plan. The Plan offers a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) through Cigna and has been designed for Principia students, offering comprehensive health insurance coverage. Details about the Student Health Insurance Plan can be found by selecting “Benefit Information” in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of this page.

Students will automatically be enrolled in and billed for the Principia Student Health Insurance Plan unless a waiver form is submitted showing acceptable coverage. Students must provide a copy of the front and back of their insurance ID cards with their insurance waiver form. Your submitted waiver will be audited and will not be processed until your receive a second email confirming the waiver was approved. 

If your waiver is NOT approved, you will need to either provide additional documentation showing you have full coverage in the Elsah, IL area, prior to the deadline OR you will remain enrolled in and billed for the Principia Student Health Insurance Plan.

The premium for annual coverage effective August 10, 2021 through August 9, 2022:

  Premium Admin Fee* Total Cost
Student Only: $1,556 $146 $1,702

All eligible students must submit their online annual waiver by August 20, 2021 in order to ensure their bill accurately reflects their choice. If they do not have acceptable health coverage or do not complete the waiver by the deadline, they will be required to purchase the Principia Student Health Insurance Plan and will be automatically enrolled and charged on their Principia student account.

If you are currently insured, you may waive enrollment. However, please note the following:

  • Not all plans provide comprehensive coverage in the state of Illinois such as out-of-state Medicaid plans, health share plans, certain HMOs and managed care plans. Be sure to check with your insurance company before waiving. Plans that do not provide full coverage in the state of Illinois will not be permitted for a waiver. Emergency only coverage in Illinois is NOT sufficent for a waiver.
  • If your plan will end before August 10, 2021 or while you are in school, you must either enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan within 31 days of your other plan’s end date, or find acceptable coverage elsewhere. You must always be sufficiently insured while considered a student at Principia.
  • You must provide a copy of the front and back of your insurance ID Card. Your waiver will be audited by Principia and UHP to confirm your waiver eligibility.

All domestic students need to waive or confirm enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan. International students are NOT eligible for this policyTo waive or enroll, click on the appropriate link, either “Waiver Form” or “Enrollment Form,” in the navigation menu. Complete all required information and click submit. The deadline to waive or enroll for annual coverage is August 20, 2021. If a waiver form is not successfully submitted, then the student will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan after the deadline date.