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Risk Strategies - University Health Plans

George Washington University

The summer 2023-2024 waiver form is available through the appeal deadline of June 30, 2024

2024-2025 Academic Year


Mandatory Eligibility: All undergraduate, graduate, law, medical, Health sciences, and doctoral students, who are enrolled in classes on the Foggy Bottom, Mount Vernon, VSTC, and Corcoran campuses, and all international students on a J1 or F1 Visa are required to have health insurance while they study at GW. These students will be automatically charged and enrolled in the GW SHIP and must submit a waiver form if they have another insurance plan that meets the required waiver criteria.

Voluntary Eligibility: All undergraduate and graduate student on all remaining campuses including Arlington or Alexandria campus, all non-degree seeking students with 9 or more credit hours, students on continuous enrollment, graduate students enrolled in continuous research, students on a school-approved leave of absence, and all online Medical and Nursing students who participate in clinical rotation on campus are eligible to enroll on a voluntary basis.

You must actively attend classes until your program’s add/drop deadline to remain eligible for the Policy. You cannot meet this eligibility requirement if you take courses through: pre-college program or on-line (except for medical and nursing students who participate in clinical rotation on campus).

 Insurance Cost, Coverage Periods, & Deadline Dates

Coverage Period Annual* Fall Spring/Summer Summer Only
Dates of Coverage 8/12/2024-8/11/2025 8/12/2024-12/31/2024 1/1/2025-8/11/2025 5/1/2025-8/11/2025
Student Cost $2,999.00** $1,166.00** $1,833.00** $846.25**
Deadline Dates September 12, 2024 September 12, 2024 February 1, 2025 May 20, 2025
*Students cannot enroll in annual coverage during the Fall 2024 semester, as students are charged and enrolled by semester based on eligibility. If you do not maintain eligibility for spring, you will not be eligible to continue spring coverage as of 1/1/2025.
**Premiums are pending filing approval

Plan Highlights

The benefit information is located on the left side of this page. GW has partnered with University Health Plans to administer the plan and help with waiver, enrollment, or eligibility related questions. University Health Plans can be reached at 833-251-1721 or Aetna Student Health can be reached at 877-480-4161 for any benefit or claim-related questions. 

Waiver Process

Mandatory students with comparable coverage can opt-out of the Student Insurance Plan by completing the waiver form located on the left side of this page by the deadline. Before waiving, compare the cost, coverage, and benefits of the Plan to your existing plan. Failure to complete the waiver will result in a student being enrolled and responsible for the Health Insurance Fee. Students who miss the annual waiver deadline are permitted to waive spring coverage. 

Please note, health insurance plans marketed solely to international students are often not filed and approved in the U.S., have limited benefits, provider networks and/or coverage periods that do not comply with GW’s waiver requirements. GBG Insurance, HDL Global Specialty, ISO, PGH (United), PSI, Student Medicover, and Tata AIG are examples of companies that do not meet the waiver requirements.

 Enrollment Process

Mandatory students are automatically charged and enrolled in the SHIP if you do not submit a waiver form. NO ACTION IS REQUIRED TO ENROLL. Mandatory students are enrolled and charged by semester and MUST maintain mandatory spring eligibility for the plan to be automatically enrolled and charged for Spring 2025 coverage. The summer enrollment is available for new summer students only. (Note that some GW graduate assistants or graduate research assistants receive subsidized funding to cover the costs of the GW SHIP. Contact your department or research advisor for more information.)

Voluntary students are eligible to enroll on a voluntary basis by completing the voluntary enrollment form located on the left side of this page by the deadline. Voluntary student premiums can be paid at the time of enrollment, however, the premium cannot be charged to your student account. Coverage must be purchased by semester and students MUST maintain spring eligibility for the plan to purchase Spring 2025 coverage.The summer enrollment is available for new summer students only. 

Eligible students may insure their dependents, including their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 26 for an additional cost by completing the enrollment form located on the left side of this page by the deadline. Dependent premiums can be paid at the time of enrollment, however, dependent premiums cannot be charged to your student account. Dependent eligibility is effective and expires concurrently with that of the insured student, meaning coverage is only available to dependents if and when the student is insured under the plan. 

GW Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is the University's on-campus health facility. It is located at 800 21st St. NW, Ground Floor, Washington D.C, 20052. Staffed by Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Mental Health Providers, and Registered Nurses. Please visit or call 202-994-5300 for more information and hours of operation.

For students enrolled on the SHIP,  the following services provided at the GW Student Health Center (SHC) are covered at 100% with no Copay or Deductible. Medical office visits, Prescription medications routinely dispensed at Health Service, Routine STD screenings, (Once Annually) Physical Examinations, Immunizations, A yearly influenza vaccination when provided at the SHC only.

Annual Deductible waived for services rendered at GW Mental Health Services. Office Visits are covered at 100%. Group Counseling is covered at 100%. Referrals are available to providers in the community. For more information, call the SHC Mental Health Services at (202) 994-5300.