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Rowan University

2023-2024 Academic Year

Health Insurance Requirement

Rowan University requires all full-time students as well as part-time students enrolled in specific programs (see indications in list provided below) to maintain health insurance coverage throughout the academic year. Having a health insurance requirement protects students from unexpected high medical costs and provides them with access to quality care while at school or traveling abroad.

Rowan University automatically enrolls eligible students into the school-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) each academic year.  A waiver is offered to students who already have health insurance coverage on their own or through a parent/guardian, as applicable.

As per University requirements, the following students are required to have health insurance coverage:

  • All full-time matriculated students and certification students enrolled in 12 or more credits for undergraduates or nine (9) or more credits for graduates;
  • All full-time and part-time matriculated Rowan University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences students;
  • All full-time Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine (SOM) students, all full-time Postdoctoral Fellow Students, and part-time Rowan SOM students who participate in clinical experience as part of their educational programs; and
  • All full-time medical students and any student enrolled in a Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU) approved alternate program of study.

Waiver Criteria and Instructions

In order to opt out of the Rowan University Aetna SHIP, the student must agree to maintain health insurance coverage throughout the entire year.  Additionally, the insurance plan must provide in-patient and out-patient coverage in the Southern New Jersey Region.

To waive the Rowan University insurance coverage, click on the waiver form link in the left-hand side navigation menu.


 Premium and Coverage Periods


Dates of Coverage    Annual      Dates of Coverage Spring/ Summer
Undergraduate & Graduate 8/1/23 - 7/31/24 $2,611 1/1/24 - 7/31/24 $1,520
CMSRU 8/1/23 - 7/31/24 $6,548 N/A N/A
GSBS 8/1/23 - 7/31/24 $6,548 1/1/24 - 7/31/24 $3,811
SOM 7/15/23 -7/14/24 $6,548 N/A N/A

The waiver appeal deadline for NEW Spring 2024 students is February 26, 2024.

Plan Highlights

The Student Health Insurance Plan will continue to be provided by Aetna Student Health. The plan is ACA compliant and includes access to Aetna's national PPO network of providers. Students do not have to select a primary care physician and referrals are not required. You can view the Plan Design and Benefit Summary located under Benefit Information in the left-hand side navigation menu. In order to keep the premium competitive, the following benefit change was made for the Undergraduate and Graduate student planDeductible increased to $500 preferred care/$1,000 non-preferred care. 

Deductible was not increased for the Cooper Medical, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, and School of Osteopathic Medicine.

Rowan University has partnered with University Health Plans to administer the plan and help with waiver, enrollment, or benefit-related questions. University Health Plans can be reached at 833-251-1143 or

Early Termination (Not Permitted)

Rowan University and Aetna Student Health DO NOT prorate health insurance premiums or adjust effective dates of coverage. Students will not be removed from SHIP coverage based upon graduation, withdrawal from the University, or new insurance plan post waiver deadline. SHIP coverage will remain in effect until the end of the policy period.

Qualifying Event

Students who waived the plan may be able to enroll in the policy if they experience a Qualifying Life Event. Students should contact University Health Plans at 833-251-1143 within 31 days of their loss of coverage.