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Ramapo College of New Jersey

2023-2024 Academic Year

Health Insurance Requirement

Full-time students, undergraduate students taking 12 or more credits and graduate students taking 9 or more credits, are automatically billed for the College-Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. Students have the opportunity to waive/opt out of this coverage by providing evidence of health insurance coverage by completing the waiver form prior to the deadline date. To waive coverage and have this charge removed from your bill please click on the waiver form link in the left-hand side navigation menu. Please allow 2 days from the date you successfully completed your insurance waiver for the credit to appear on your account.

Insurance Cost & Coverage Periods

Undergraduates & Graduates Annual NEW Spring/Summer
Coverage Dates 8/1/2023-7/31/2024  1/15/2024-7/31/2024
Insurance Cost  $2,611 $1,420
Deadline 9/22/2023 2/16/2024


The waiver appeal deadline for NEW Spring 2024 students is February 23, 2024.

Plan Highlights

The Student Health Insurance Plan will continue to be provided by Aetna Student Health. The plan is ACA compliant and includes access to Aetna's national PPO network of providers. Students do not have to select a primary care physician and referrals are not required. In order to keep the premium competitive, the following benefit changes were made: Deductible increased to $500 preferred care/$1,000 non-preferred care.

Ramapo has partnered with University Health Plans to administer the plan and help with waiver, enrollment, or benefit-related questions. University Health Plans can be reached at 833-251-1149 or

Fall 2023

The Annual Student Health Insurance fee will be billed to all full-time students during the Fall billing cycle. Students who waive their insurance in the Fall may not enroll in the Spring semester unless there is a Qualifying Life Event as defined by the plan. You may enroll in health insurance within the first 31 days of the life event outside the Open Enrollment Period. To enroll due to a qualifying life event, contact University Health Plans at 833-251-1149.

Spring 2024

The Spring/Summer Student Health Insurance fee will be automatically billed to all NEW incoming full-time students for the Spring 2024 semester, and can be waived if that student has insurance coverage.

Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver Information

Students are required to enroll in/waive the College-Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan every academic year. If you plan to keep the Student Health Insurance, you may confirm enrollment prior to the College specified enrollment period. The enrollment website is located in the left-hand side navigation menu.

The College reserves the right to audit all waivers in order to ensure compliance with the College insurance requirements. Please be sure to have a copy of your insurance policy as you may be asked to provide documentation. Pending insurance coverage or a letter from your employer or third company is NOT acceptable.

Qualifying Event

Students who waive their insurance in the fall may not enroll in the spring semester. Students who waive are eligible to enroll if there is a Qualifying Life Event which causes them to lose other insurance. Please contact University Health Plans to enroll (within 31 days of the event).  

Part-time students
The Student Health Insurance Plan is not available to part-time students at this time.

Other Coverage Options
For additional information, including information about the health care law, finding insurance options, and accessing your state’s health insurance exchange, please refer to

Contact Information
For more information or questions about the plan contact University Health Plans at 833-251-1149.