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Yeshiva University and Cardozo School of Law

Summer Waiver Form
2023-2024 Academic Year

Students must be insured by a plan effective on or before the coverage period that is comparable to the SHIP. The benefits do not have to match exactly, but students should consider the following and can use the plan comparison worksheet to compare coverage.

Before waiving, consider the following:

  • Does your plan's provider network have doctors and hospitals in NYC?
  • Does your plan have out-of-network benefits? 
  • Have you compared the out-of-pocket cost of your plan's in and/or out-of-network benefits to the SHIP? 
  • Have you compared the total cost of your private plan's premium to the annual cost of the SHIP premium?
  • Does your plan require referrals? Will your plan refer you to providers in NYC?

Students covered by out-of-state HMOs should contact their insurance company and apply for an out-of-area rider. Most major insurance companies offer these riders for college students away from home. 

Students that are New York residents and insured by Medicaid should ensure their Medicaid extends to the NYC area. You may need to change your managed care organization if you reside outside of NYC. Please click here for more information about managed care organizations by county. 

Out-of-state students insured by their home state Medicaid should consider claiming residency in New York if they intend to reside in New York and will be in New York for most of the year, or the student should accept the SHIP. Out-of-state Medicaid will not provide sufficient coverage while attending Yeshiva/Cardozo, exposing students to significant charges for routine and major medical services.

Students Studying Outside the US are not required to confirm comparable coverage in the US or NYC but are required to document they have comprehensive insurance coverage in the area in which they will study. If the student chooses to waive, they are confirming enrollment in the national healthcare system or an international travel policy that provides coverage in the student's location. Students are advised to maintain insurance coverage in their home country, as foreign coverage will not provide coverage when the student returns home.


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