2014-2015 POLICY YEAR

(SPRING: 2/1/15-8/14/15)

Students who fall into one of the categories listed below are labeled as “Mandatory” [with regard to the UD Student Health Insurance Plan (UD Plan)].

  • Undergraduate students taking 12+ credits
  • Non-contracted graduate students taking 9+ credits
  • Contracted graduate students
  • International students on F1 or J1 visas

Students who are considered Mandatory for the Spring 2015 Semester (and not for the Fall 2014 Semester) will be automatically charged for the UD Plan on their student accounts for the Spring Semester.

Those Spring 2015 Mandatory Students who have other comparable coverage (click here for key requirements of a comparable plan) and do not want to be enrolled in the UD Plan must submit this online Waiver Form by the deadline of 2/28/15. This is the only way to request the removal of the UD Plan charge from a student’s account. Submitting the Waiver Form will remove the charge for the Spring 2015 UD Plan.

A student who is eligible to be automatically charged for the UD Plan for the Spring 2015 semester and does not submit a Waiver Form by the deadline of 2/28/15 will be responsible the UD Plan charges placed on their student account during the 2014-15 Academic Year. 
Please Note: The UD Plan charge appears on the student account as “Health Insurance for Students” and is NOT related to the Student Health Services fee.

If you have read the information on this page and would like to begin the Waiver Form process, submit your Student ID and Date of Birth below.

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