The College of New Jersey

​Waiver Appeal Form
2021-2022 Academic Year

It is important for you to make an informed health assessment each year. For instance, have your health needs changed? Will you be participating in a study abroad program? Do you have access to a network that covers you throughout the country and do you have coverage for emergencies? Make sure you have appropriate health coverage so that an unexpected illness or accident doesn’t hold back your wellness or academic success.

You may waive coverage under this plan if you have health insurance that meets all of TCNJ's insurance plan requirements. A successfully submitted waiver applies to the full academic year during which it is filed.

The waiver appeal deadline is October 13, 2021.  PLEASE FILL OUT THE REQUIRED FIELDS BELOW:

The login requires your PAWS ID and birthdate, and you must also be enrolled full-time. If your birthdate is not in PAWS, you will need to add this information to PAWS. You will not be able to login for approximately 24-48 hours after adding your birthdate or after enrolling full-time.