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Spring Enrollment Form 
2023-2024 Academic Year

To ensure that all students enrolled in at least 75 percent of their program's full-time course load have adequate medical insurance while pursuing their academic goals, state law requires that students have coverage, either through the Salem State University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) or another United States-based carrier offering comparable coverage.

By enrolling online you confirm your acceptance of the plan and your tuition bill will be charged accordingly. You will be assigned a member ID number and your name will be submitted to Blue Cross Blue Shield to be added to the doctor and pharmacy databases. An insurance card will be mailed to you within 10-11 business days. 

To continue the enrollment process, you will need your Student ID number, which can be found on your tuition bill, preceded by the letter "S" (example: S0123456). This ID number is not your social security number or your Connect Card number.

Please be sure to include an "S" at the beginning of your Student ID. It should be an "S" followed by 7 digits.